Lorrie Tom
Photo by Kevin Peacock

About Lorrie

I absolutely love teaching writing.  It's my passion. It's my calling.  I am a writing evangelist, convincing parents, students, and teachers to see writing like I do - as the best tool for making sense of life.  

It's my dream that everyone becomes a lifelong writer. I'm on this earth to spread writing love like butter on bread.

But, what about people who hate writing?

What about amazing parents and kids who think, "Lorrie, you're a writer. I can't do what you're doing."

Or, what about phenomenal teachers who have the desire to be writing rock stars, but just don't have the time to add one more thing to their already overflowing and wildly spinning plates? 

Guess what? I'm here for you.


Each month, I'm going to mix everything I've learned about teaching writing and being a writer into one big delicious bowl of writing yum. 

I'll add in some Mrs. Tom signature spices. 

Then, when the buzzer dings, a steaming hot writing recipe will pop outta the oven, ready to satisfy every palette because it's:

  • fast,
  • easy,
  • and fun!

So cheers to a new chapter in the story of your writing life.  

I hope you'll join me as we whip up writing love - one recipe at a time. 

Always writing,

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