Lorrie Tom
Photo by Kevin Peacock

My Approach

My sweet spot is working with people who believe they can’t write well. I make sure writing is fun and you get it done fast. I focus on positive feedback, helping you discover what you’re already doing well as a writer.

My primary focus is using haiku as the key that unlocks your love for writing. Through short weekly online classes with step-by-step instructions, I show you how 17 syllables and 3 little lines can begin a fun and sustainable memory-keeping and moment-collecting life. Of course, I also offer invitations, instruction, and courses for longer writing pieces when you’re ready to try those, too.

Around here, you don’t have to write a novel, or create a perfectly curated art journal, but you can become a pro at writing short personal pieces because they are a tool that helps you lead a wide awake life with the power to notice what others miss.

After more than thirty years of teaching kids and adults, I know how to help you fall in love with writing and get those words on the page.

It’s a calling I can’t resist.

Always writing, Lorrie