I offer limited (like I can count the number of times I do this per year on one hand!) Fall in Love with Writing Coaching for humans of any age.  These are face-to-face, small group and/or individual writing sessions. 

Please know this is not tutoring. 

  • I'm not the person who will help your third grader memorize all the comma rules.  
  • I'm not the person who will help your high schooler ace his AP English class.

However, I am the the encourager who has a special place in her heart for folks who hate writing.

  • I am the guide who writes beside you, celebrating all that is golden and good about your words. 
  • I am the person who helps humans of any age discover, "I am a writer.  I love writing!"

Let's discuss how Fall in Love With Writing Coaching can work with your needs and our schedules.