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Family of Writers

Since 1989, I've been teaching evening writing classes in school cafeterias for students and their parents. Family of Writers is the best thing I've ever done as a teacher. (And teachers, don't tell anyone, but it's also the easiest things I've ever done as a teacher!)

It's all around writing joy, culminating in an anthology publication party complete with tasty treats. (Mary Poppins was right.  Sugar helps.) 

If you dream of confident kids who love writing, there is nothing more powerful than families huddled close, putting pen to paper, and sharing stories.  

Six-Word Testimonials:

If you'd like to invite me to teach Family of Writers at your school, here's what I teach during four 90-minute classes:

  • Writing recipes that help students and parents experience writing as a creative, joyous, and insightful journey.

  • The elements of writing well.

  • How to recognize what writers already do well.

  • How to share writing aloud, and why it's important.

  • How to learn from every writer in the room.

  • How to read like a writer.

  • How parents can give writing response without creating power struggles and emotional meltdowns.

  • How to begin a process of effective revision and editing.

Who? When? Where?

Currently, all LIVE Family of Writers classes occur in the greater Los Angeles area during the months of January and February, but I dream of bringing Family of Writers to every state in the U.S. 

If YOU would like to teach Family of Writers at your school, I'm working on materials to make that possible.  


Five Things I Learned From Family of Writers

Our Motto: Arrive tired. Leave inspired.

1. Lots of parents hate writing, but they will do anything to help their kids love writing. I blogged about writing hate HERE.

2. I offer an approach that helps kids become confident writers.

3. The process rubs off on parents, and they rediscover the joy of writing, too.

4. Supplementing classroom writing with evening Family of Writers classes, helps classroom teachers.  Why? Teachers make it crystal clear that their students’ ideas and stories matter. And that begets big community. And big community begets parents who support teachers. And when teachers walk into a classroom feeling supported, the stage is set for fabulous instruction in every subject.   

5.  I used to think it was all about helping kids become better writers, but, really, it's about sharing the legacy of family stories.  Stories are the humanity-driven, sustaining energy that helps spread writing love like butter on bread.

Contact me to learn more about bringing Family of Writers to your community.

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