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My Mission:  I want to help you AND your kids fall in love with writing. 

 Photo by Kevin Peacock

Photo by Kevin Peacock

Three Things I've Learned from Teaching Family of Writers:

1. Lots of adults hate writing, but they will do anything to help their kids love writing.

2. I offer an approach that helps kids become confident writers.

3. The process rubs off on parents, and they rediscover the joy of writing, too.

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Writing love starts

with three simple steps:

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Step 1:  Attend Family of Writers classes and whip up some writing recipes.

Arrive tired. Leave inspired!
— Lorrie Tom

You can attend evening Family of Writers classes, or try some of the writing resources on this site for free! Just go to the Writing Recipes tab in the menu, and begin a joyful journey with writing.

Step 2: Subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

It's where I share everything I know about helping people fall in love with writing.  The newsletter is SHORT with LINKS for items you want to explore in greater detail.  Here's a summary of topics the links may include:

Mrs. Tom's Writing Recipes  

All writing recipes are time-tested, sure-fire winners. You can whip 'em up fast! I provide all instructions and ingredients for making perfect pieces every time. With me, your ideas await like a well-stocked pantry, and your writing rises like a perfect souffle. I am in the process of writing a cookbook with all of my favorite writing recipes, but to give you a taste of what's cooking in my kitchen, I'll give you one writing recipe per month. In addition to your own personal use, these are also great for teachers.  Help yourself.  Come back for seconds. Enjoy. Write. Yum!

Lorrie Stories

Lorrie Stories make you feel warm inside. And then, just when you think I'm a little heavy on the sweet and serious, I'll throw in a dash of Lorrie-style humor.  My mission is to help you think, " Hey, I could have written that.  That's my story, too." 

Golden Lines

Golden lines are tiny examples of great writing, discovered while I'm reading. Maybe just a phrase, but often a entire sentence, I use golden lines as templates for my own writing, and you can, too!  The simple act of searching for golden lines makes your reading experience different. Reading like a writer helps you become a better writer.    

Book Review Haiku

Cut to the chase.
Too busy for long reviews.
Lorrie loves haiku!

These are quick reviews about books I've read. 

Word Art 

Like wine and cheese, good writing pairs perfectly with beautiful art.  I'm not an artist, but I do like to whip up inexpensive, easy, and ever so inspiring crafts that make your writing sparkle on the page.

Step 3: Follow me on Instagram @lorrie_Stories.

It's the place where I show you my daily life as writer who also happens to be a part-time teacher and full-time wife and mama.  I have a cute dog, too. She is always beside me when I write.