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How to Haiku

Welcome to Haiku 101, an introductory mini course with Lorrie Tom tweaks that make the process fast and fun.

Haiku Invitations

Haiku writing ideas you’ll actually do. This is where you get to be bold and write fast without fear of failure.

Tips and Tales

I share personal stories and time-saving tips that help you become a confident writer.



If you love journals, planners, and pens, you are my people.

If you use those irresistible tools because you are the crafty memory keeper for your family, oh la la, we are so each other’s people!

After 30 years of teaching writing, 17 years of parenting, and creating more journals than I can count, I see lots of mamas who want to fill pages with original writing, but they are short on time and long fear. For many people, writing is welcome as a root canal. Not on my watch. The writing life is so wonderful and I want you to experience that joy, too!

I’m not talking about getting you to write long novels. Nope. My primary focus is using haiku poetry as the first step for falling in love with writing so you can bedazzle journals and scrapbooks with words that are a true reflection of the moments you experience on this sweet spinning planet.

Trust me, these short little poems will be the beginning of an amazing journey that will be the best creative self-care you ever tried.

Always writing 5-7-5, Lorrie

P.S. If you can talk about planners, journals, paper, and pens, with the same passion you reserve for favorite books, we should seriously meet for coffee.

P.S. Just between you and me, I’m not only about haiku. When you’re good and ready, I’ve got all sorts of ideas to share and classes to teach about writing pieces that are super duper long - like a page or two that you can write in under 20 minutes.


How to be a Haiku Writer

Look up. Look outside.

Attend to your daily muse.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Write.

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