4 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Love Words


It’s the busy time of year so I’ll get right to it! These are gifts you can buy for cheap, or make in a flash.

1. Rae Dunn Note Holder and humorous Sticky Notes from knockknock.com.

I found the Rae Dunn note holder at T.J. Maxx for much less money than online. I think these are fun teacher gifts. You can fit three of the notepads in the holder.

Note Holder.jpg
Mental Note Post IT.jpg

2. Poem, Quote, Bible Verse (or whatever wordy thing you want) Holder

Use a place card holder as a poem or Bible verse holder.  Usually, these come in sets, but you only give one per person so it’s affordable.  Often, I’ll give people a selection of poems or verses that can be rotated.

Here’s a LIST of my favorite poems that I use as gifts.

Print them on cardstock. Craft’em up, and you’ve got something special.




3. Word Rocks

Display inspirational words, phrases, or lines from poems on rocks.

If you need one line from a poem, check out Irene Latham’s project, How to Live Your Poem. She collects short lines from poems that are also great advice for living.

All you need is a flat, smooth rock, a cheap sponge brush, Mod Podge, a permanent marker, and paper.

Cut paper to shape of rock surface, apply a dab of Mod Podge directly to the rock, and then attach the paper. Continue with a couple coats of Mod Podge, smoothing surface of paper with your finger, letting the first coat dry before applying the second.

The rock below includes text that’s written in a spiral.

writers statement rock.jpg

The final example is three rocks that go together with lines from a Mary Oliver Poem: to look, to listen, to lose myself, inside this soft world. I put origami paper on first, and then attached the paper with writing on top of it. I love being inspired by these words when I’m in my office writing.



  4. Colleen Attara Salvaged Words

Every January, I begin Ali Edward’s One Little Word Project, and I get a salvaged word from Colleen Attara to hang in my house.  I am in love with her art.  I’ve never met her personally, but I feel like I know her. Every package from this amazing artist is personal and filled with love.  I’ve always ordered her plastic up-cycled words, but now I see she’s using salvaged plywood, as well. I also get her salvaged hearts.


If you have great ideas and/or variations, share your holiday spirit in the comments. I’d love to be inspired by your ideas, too. I hope you enjoy giving the gift of words this holiday season. 

Always writing,


P.S. Next week, I’m posting a wonderful writing recipe that will get you all talking about your lists of perfect things - a conversation sure to please any palette around your Thanksgiving table.