Art: Get This on Your Bulletin Board Ripping Fast


Surrounding yourself with words that inspire is a good thing - especially in a classroom. 

I love asking students to pick a golden line from their writing.

Golden lines are phrases or sentences that get our attention. These lines sing, make us laugh or cry. They may surprise us, or trigger new thoughts. They make living, breathing humans feel something.

And before the moment is lost, I like to get those golden lines up on the wall.  FAST.

It's easy.

Cut a standard piece of construction paper into a 12 by 12 inch square.

Then, rip up more pieces of construction paper and glue those babies around the edges of the paper.

Write the golden line in all its glory, using a sacred Sharpie, and you're good to go.


Always writing (ripping paper, running out of glue, and playing with Sharpies),


P.S. This project is paired with the Random Autobiography Writing Recipe, but you can use this idea for all sorts of things!