The Red Envelope Project: No Joke. Just Love.


Serves: As many as you like!

Time: Varies (depends upon the U.S. Postal Service!)

The red envelope project_1.jpg

I'm doing a crazy love experiment, inspired by Project Write Now.

It's the LOVE season.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  And I'm excited to see what happens with this little postal experiment.  


Step #1:

On Thursday evening, I'm personally handing one of these envelopes to everyone who attends my Family of Writers class.  After we write together for 90 minutes, no one on the room will be a stranger to me.  I'll make eye contact with everyone.  Sharing stories is one of the best ways to get close to folks fast.  These envelopes have my address on them.  Hopefully, they'll be mailed to me with some love inside that I can share with all of you.  To see what I put inside each envelope, see Step #2 and or click HERE for a downloadable version!


Step #2:

Here's what's on the paper inside each envelope:

1. I love…2. I love…3. I love…4. I love…5. I love…

Spreading love and good cheer makes the world a better place. Person #1, please fill out line #1 of this paper with something you love. It can be a person, place, hobby, food, smell, song, show, game, memory, act of kindness, joke, animal - ANYTHING! Put the paper back in the envelope WITHOUT sealing it. Then, give the red envelope to Person #2. It can be someone in your family, a neighbor, a teacher, or the cashier at Trader Joe’s – ANYONE! Ask them to fill out the next line, and then give it to Person #3 of their choice. Repeat until the page is completed. Names aren’t necessary. Person #5 seals the envelope and pops it in any mailbox. There is already postage and my address is on the envelope so it’s easy. All entries will be posted on my website ( by February 22nd if they are mailed by Valentine’s Day. I love ideas like this! Thanks to Project Write Now ( for the inspiration. xoxox, Lorrie Tom

Step #3:

Now, we're getting to the interesting part.  I've made another set of 17 envelopes that are specially marked and have my P.O.Box address instead of my home address. These envelopes will be casually dropped all over town.  I might put one near the organic veggies at Cost Co. I might drop one in the gift store at my parent's retirement community.  I might drop one at the library parking lot.  Who knows where these 17 envelopes will land in the next few days?


Will strangers pick them up?  Will they open the envelope? Or throw it away without ever peeking inside? Will anyone even mail them? And if they do get mailed, will they be filled with graphic I LOVE sentences that make me shudder and change the locks? 

But, maybe I don't need to go all worst case scenario.  Maybe, this will bring out the best case scenario that's in all of us.

Find out on February 22nd  when I post all the red envelope love results!  


Always writing,