Book Review Haiku: February 2019

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we were the lucky ones.jpg

Written by Georgia Hunter


Based on true events

Fiction fills the unknown gaps

Survival story.

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Written by Dani Shapiro



23 and Me

Brings her pieces together

Reveals new story.

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My Sister, the Serial Killer

Written by Oyinkan Braithwaite


my sister the serial killer.jpg

Absurd page-turner

Murder, codependency

Worst sister ever.

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Sing a Song of Tuna Fish by Esme Raji Codell

Hard to Swallow Stories from Fifth Grade



Been There, Done That Edited by Mike Winchell

Writing Stories from Real LIfe

Memoir and Fiction

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been there done that.jpg

Creative structures

Gave me writing ideas*

but parts uneven.

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*I LOVE the structure of both of these books.

Sing a Song of Tuna Fish inspired a great Family of Writers invitation. Codell begins every chapter with this phrase: Let me tell you something about…We borrowed her phrase and began pieces the same way she did. I wrote a piece called Let Me Tell You Something About Names.

In Been There, Done That, Mike Winchell compiles stories from many different middle grade and young adult authors. Each author shares a personal true story. Then, the same author follows it with a fiction story that’s based on some part of the true story. As a writer, it’s so interesting to see where ideas originate.

While I don’t love all the stories in each of these books, I did enjoy reading them and both inspired me to say to myself, “Hey, I’m going write under the influence of this writer and borrow their structure for my own writing.”

Finally, I would preview each book before reading to younger kids.

That’s a wrap for February Book Review Haiku.

On my nightstand right now:

  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World)

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear (An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones)

  • Guy -Write by Ralph Fletcher (What Every Guy Writer Needs to Know)

If I could only take one of these books to a deserted island, it would be Inheritance.

Happy reading this month. Please let me know what I must read, too.

Always writing and reading,