Book Review Haiku: January 2019

BRH 2.png
big year.jpg

Funny travelogue

Manic bird counting saga

See the movie, too.



The Last Days of Letterman: The Final Six Weeks

Written by Scott Ryan


last days of letterman.jpg

Reliving old times

When I could stay up so late

Great showbiz tidbits.



Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

Written by John Muir Laws


laws bird drawing.jpg

Great step-by-step tips

Seeing birds in a new way

Non-drawer can draw.



No Time on My Hands

By Grace Snyder


no time on my hangs.jpg

Life of pioneers

If we could all be so tough

Nebraska heroes.

Even though these books are all winners, if I could only take one to a deserted island, it would be No Time on My Hands.

Happy reading this month.

Always writing and reading,