BRH #1: Heating and Cooling by Beth Ann Fennelly

BRH heating and cooling.png

Small moments made big.

  • I love how Beth Fennelly focuses on small moments from her life that fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

  • If separate, each micro-memoir doesn’t tell an entire story, but they create a complete picture when combined.

  • The structure of this book is so clever - 52 micro-memoirs.

  • It’s a quick read, but read it a couple times. You’ll notice that each micro-memoir is positioned carefully, building to a wonderful ending.

Adore Married Love micros.

  • There are five small moment married life micro-memoirs threaded throughout the entire book. The last one is quite long, but the rest are all under a paragraph.

  • This is one of the few micro-memoir types that repeats through the book.

  • I loved seeing the growing tapestry of a kind and beautiful marriage. My favorite one is Married Love, III:

    • As we lower onto the December-cold pleather seats of the minivan, we knock hands: both of us reaching down to turn on the other’s seat warmer first.

  • I might try to do a few of these myself. Think of the small moments with your partner - especially the ones that don’t get a lot of attention, the ones we might miss. Put them together, and it’s a warm and cuddly picture of marriage.

Penis one cringey.

  • The micro-memoir that mentions three junk-flashing moments was a bit squirmy for my reading taste.

  • However, this is memoir, and real life runs the gamut of all emotions and experiences. Plus, penis micro-memoirs sitting alongside stories that are touching, sad, sentimental, sweet, happy, and funny create a fabulous contrast that makes for an excellent read.

Always writing and reading,