Art: Crazy Color Illustrations


This illustration goes with my There's No Place Like My Favorite Place Copy Change writing recipe.

This is a simple art project that can make your students' writing pop.

Here's the secret sauce:

First, cut quality watercolor paper into smallish squares - mine is about 5 inches by 5 inches.

Then, students sketch the favorite place.  Pencil first. Second, outline with an extra-fine Sharpie.

It's ok if the picture isn't an exact replica of the location - mine certainly isn't, but it's the essence of my favorite place.

Then, when coloring with markers, tell students to use unexpected colors.  

Notice that my sky is green and my palm trees are pink and orange.

That's it.

If you really want these to pop, place the finished piece on a six by six piece of black construction paper. 

Enjoy the thrill of Crazy Color Illustrations!

Always writing and arting,