What I Learned This Winter

Workout Winter-Style along the SoCal Coast 

Workout Winter-Style along the SoCal Coast 

Here are five things I learned this winter.  I'm following Emily P. Freeman (of Simply Tuesdays, The Hope Writers Podcast, and The Next Right Thing Podcast) and writing a quarterly list of things I've learned in the last three months.  They are super deep and super NOT so deep.  

1. I do not like reading on my Kindle. 

I am decidedly a hold the book in my hands kinda girl.  I was attracted to all things Kindle when I realized I could read without glasses by adjusting the print size.  However, I'd rather wear glasses and turn those pages.  I think my Kindle will be my car reading option when I'm in a pinch, but then again, my iPhone has the Kindle app and that's in COLOR.  

2. I need to workout right after I drop my kid off at school or it aint happening.

I know this. I've known this for ages, but I keep reading productivity books and listening to podcasts and reading blog posts that tell me I've got to get all my BIG writing work done during early morning prime time.  I've reasoned that I don't need major brain cells to workout in the afternoon. I've reasoned that it will refresh me.  But the reality is that I don't do it.  So 7 A.M. it is - and yes, my girl is dropped off at 6:45 AM to begin her school day so I should have decent brain cells left even after working out. 

3. Planning a month's worth of meals did not work - I was totally off my cooking mojo!

In January, I spent an entire morning planning all the dinner menus for 30 days.  I thought this was going to be a brilliant move. Nope.  Picking menus is like picking an outfit.  Sometimes I'm in the mood for skinny jeans and sometimes I'm in the mood for sweats.  I pick clothing for my moods, and I think the same is true for our family dinners. Planning for about five days seems to be our sweet spot.  

4. Watching Real Housewives from any City does not make me feel good, but watching Exporting Raymond nourished my soul like a cup of hot tea.

Exporting Raymond is on Netflix and it's so funny and sweet and interesting.  I wasn't even a big Everybody Loves Raymond fan, but now, I'm thinking I'll go check out the series because I have a crush on Phil Rosenthal, the creator, who is featured in this documentary.  Sometimes, you just need shows that give you a nostalgic laugh.

5. I really want a picture perfect, "looks like Jo designed it" house, but I'm realizing that I don't want it enough to sacrifice the time to make it happen.

I want our home to be welcoming and cozy and clutter-free, but that might just be enough.  If I have to choose between having the perfect home and spending time writing a book, I choose the writing life.  I'm learning to be OK with not being able to manage both at the same time.

What are some things you learned this winter? I'd love to know all your wise and wondrous learnings.  

Always writing,