March is the Month for Writing Feasts!


Over the last few months, I’ve been cooking up ideas for March Writing Feasts, and I’m excited for this online adventure to begin.

As you know, my mission is spreading writing love like butter on bread. One of the best ways to do this is writing with a community rather than writing in isolation.

But, who has time to get out of the house for writing classes? That’s why I’m bringing it to you! There are two ways you can access this FREE class:

  1. Take it with me LIVE on March 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 9 AM to 9:45 AM Pacific Time on my Writing Feast Facebook Page. Be sure you access using the CHROME browser or the broadcast might not work.

  2. Watch the replay on my blog. It won’t be live, but it will be the same exact class.

Writing Feasts are the perfect balance for extroverts (who want to share their writing in the comments during the class), or introverts (who want to follow along, but stay ever so silent). No matter what your personality, this class will be the perfect fit since I’m only about positive feedback, and you can show up in your yoga pants with bad hair.

I’m the only one who has to do a blowout and find that perfect shade of red lipstick.

Since this is the first roll-out of Writing Feasts, it’s free! All you need to do is join my PRIVATE Facebook Group called Writing Feast. If you’re not a fan of Facebook, I’ve got an option for you, too. Replays will be posted on my blog by noon the day of the broadcast. I will respond to all comments left on Facebook and my blog.

Be sure to download the class workbook. You can find it HERE or in the files section of the Facebook group. It’s not an essential requirement, but the workbook totally ups the fabulous factor for the class, and you’ll have a memento inspiring you to keep writing once the class ends.

Let’s get down to the details about what happens during every class.

Every class will follow the same routine.

First, since this is a feast, I’m giving you a favorite dessert recipe. Yum!

Second, I open with an inspiring poem or quote.

Third, we’ll do a super fast and easy writing warm-up.

Fourth, I’ll share some big ideas that will transform your writing life.

Fifth, I’ll give you a writing invitation based on a mentor text or idea from an inspiring writer. After the class broadcast is over, we’ll all write together for about 10 minutes. I believe down to my bones, that good writing teachers need to write alongside their fellow writers. This class is a gift of writing time to yourself. If you’re a parent, it’s a gift to your kids, too. You’re demonstrating that writing is important. There is no better way to encourage writing love in your kids.

Finally, we’ll do some sharing. You can share Cherry on Top Lines in the comments. These are the you like the most in your piece. You can even take a photo of your entire piece and post it in the comments. You’ll get positive feedback from our writing community. If the prospect of sharing makes you feel ill, please be assured that no one will ever be forced to share.

That’s it - four fabulous writing classes that will change your life!

All you need to do is sign up for my private Facebook Group called Writing Feast, and/or subscribe to my blog and you’re in.

I look forward to writing with you in March. Writing Feasts are going to be a grand and ever so yummy adventure.

Always writing,


P.S. If you have more questions, Writing Feast FAQs are below! Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Here’s the Facebook Live about Writing Feasts, too. Enjoy.

Writing Feast FAQs

Q1: What if I can only do two of the classes?

A: That’s fine. Please join us whenever you can. All the classes build upon each other, and doing all four is ideal, but life is busy, and you can dip in and out as needed.

Q2: Can I watch the classes on my phone?

A: Yes! Just get on Facebook or my blog. If the broadcast is acting funky, use CHROME browser to access.

Q3: What supplies do I need?

A: Download the workbook. You’ll also need paper and something to write with. Choose writing supplies that make you happy. I think my favorite pen and journal make me write better.

Q4: What if I want to read my masterpiece to the group after I’ve written it?

A: It’s easy. Make a LIVE post in our Facebook group and we will shower you with compliments.

Q5: Can my kid take the class, too?

A: While this class will have the same Family of Writers vibe, I’m creating it for adults. However, if you watch a class and think it’s fine for your kid, by all means, do it with them.

Q6: Would it be OK if I gather girlfriends and we all do the class together?

A: That is a fabulous idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Please invite me. Will there be wine involved? If you do this, let me know, and I can give you some guidelines for sharing writing with a live group.

Q7: What kind of writing will we do?

A: Mostly memoir. All of the writing recipes can be written as prose (paragraphs), or free verse list poems (not rhyming). If you can recall some memories from your life and write a grocery list, you are good to go!