Printable Travel Journal!

A few weeks ago, during a Family of Writers class, we wrote about our favorite places.  I listened to families share pieces about June Mountain, San Francisco, Yosemite, and more! My sample piece was about Snapper Jack's Taco Shack in Ventura, but on that night, I wrote a new piece about the Grand Canyon.  

I'm convinced that writing under the influence of Cynthia Rylant's picture book, Tulip Sees America, is one of the reasons our pieces were so awesome.  And we only wrote for 13 minutes and 27 seconds!

Even though we were writing in the cafeteria at Montemalaga Elementary School, I felt like I went on a little mini vacation in my head.  It was fun to be on the Colorado River again!


Reading about a dog named Tulip, traveling across America made me think about real live daffodils blooming in my backyard. 


And those flowers make me think about one thing: SPRING!

And spring makes me think about SPRING BREAK!

And spring break makes me think about TRIPS. (I love trips!)

And since I'm such a writing kind of girl, trips make me think about TRAVEL JOURNALS that...

...DON'T take a lot of time or brain power,

but help my family remember everything we want to cherish from our adventures together.'s a downloadable and printable travel journal just for you! 

It helps if you're familiar with the There's No Place Like My Favorite Place Writing Recipe, but it's not essential. Enjoy one or both!

This is what the journal looks like before you fill it with your memories:


And here's what it looks like when you start writing in it (and trust me, the print version looks way better than these photos!):

Sample Tulip Cover.jpg

This is the cover.

If you like you can draw a picture, paste images from brochures, or print your own iPhone photo masterpieces.

Sample Tulip Writing Only.jpg

This is one of my journal pages.

Note that I added another box option because there wasn't anything for hiking.

Note that I have crossed out words. This doesn't have to be perfect, or take a lot of time.

Note the LAST LINE: There is no place like Angel's Landing.

This is the great line we borrowed from Cynthia Rylant, but we just change the location to fit our stories.   

If this seems like too much writing for you, the next sample is an even quicker version of this page.

Sample Tulip Writing Top and Picture.jpg

Here's another sample.

On this one, I just wrote the list of words, and put a picture in the bottom half instead of more writing.

But, I still kept the last line.  With every new page, that repeated line creates a pleasing rhythm.

Thanks, Cynthia Rylant!

Sample Tulip Picture Page.jpg

I've also included blank pages.

Use them as a back cover, a place for quotes, or pictures, or gluing ticket stubs...whatever you like!

Here are the supplies you'll need: 

Paper (I prefer card stock.)

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Two Binder Rings

Hole Puncher


Front and Back Printable Cover Pages

Printable Pages for the Inside of your Journal

Directions for Cover, as needed.

Directions for Journal Pages, as needed.

Happy travels.  Happy writing!

Always writing, 

Mrs. Tom (but you can call me Lorrie)