Recipe: I Always Like Summer Best


This is a fast list poem that helps me anticipate the joys of summer.  The mentor text is a poem called "Knoxville, Tennessee" written by Nikki Giovanni.

The first lines of the poem are:

I always like summer 


you can eat fresh corn

From Daddy's garden...

The poem continues with all the special summer things you can do.

The ideas are connected with lots of ands which make the poem feel fun and breathless.  If you like, end the poem with I always like summer best.

Here's a sample piece that I wrote under the influence of Nikki Giovanni's poem.  

I always like summer best.

You can sleep late

and stay in PJ's until noon

and eat BBQ chicken

and peaches dripping with juice

and you can ride big waves,

build sand castles,

and get burgers on the way home.

You can stay up late playing cards,

laughing and laughing

until tears run down your face.

You can relax on the porch,

knowing there’s no homework.

You can hike in the mountains,

fly to see friends in Oregon

and still have time to relax

before school starts again.

I always like summer best!

(Written under the influence of Nikki Giovanni’s “Knoxville, Tennessee.”)

This is a great summer season kickoff poem so start thinking about the summer things you love.  Summer.  Summer. Summer.  So close I can almost feel it.  

Always writing,