Writing Feast Class #1

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In Week 1 of the March, 2019 Writing Feast you will:

  1. Get a great recipe for 3-grain raspberry muffins.

  2. Begin a fun writing warm-up called Currently.

  3. Get inspired by a poem called “Writing Recipe.”

  4. Explore two big ideas about writing.

  5. And, finally, WRITE under the influence of a great mentor text.

Enjoy the class video below. I made it just for you.

After taking the class, pop into our Writing Feast Facebook group and leave comments in the post prompts I’ve provided. Better yet, do a Facebook LIVE reading of the piece you wrote in our group. We are a kind group of humans and we’ll leave comments letting you know the lines we love.

Sharing writing is how we really grow as writers because we get response from real live readers! Plus, the solitary aspect of writing becomes social!

Always writing,


P.S. The mentor text that inspires the writing for our class is N. Scott Momaday’s piece “The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee.” Momaday is receiving the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize in May, 2019.