Writing Feast Class #4

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During Week 4 of the 2019 Writing Feast you will:

  1. Get a great recipe for Peach Pie.

  2. Continue a fun writing warm-up called Currently.

  3. Get inspired by a poem called “You Reading This Be Ready.”

  4. Explore two big ideas about writing.

  5. And, finally, WRITE under the influence of a great mentor writing prompt.

Enjoy the class video below. I made it just for you.

After taking the class, hop into our Writing Feast Facebook group and post comments, replying to the prompts I’ve provided. A few of us bold writers are even doing LIVE posts in the group and reading our pieces out loud. It’s so awesome and inspiring. We are a nice group of humans and promise to give you feedback, telling you the lines we love the most.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, email me or put comments below.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

I can’t wait to read and/or listen to your writing and tell you all about the lines I love.

Sharing writing is how we really grow as writers because we get response from real live readers! Plus, the solitary aspect of writing becomes social!

Always writing,