Top 3 Posts of 2018


We’re nearing the end of 2018, and as I reflect back on this first year of blogging, I realize that writing a post every Tuesday us actually fun! It’s part of my routine as I craft this little ole site with the hope of spreading writing love like white fluffy frosting on my favorite Christmas cookies.

So let’s get to it.

In Writing Recipes, my favorite post was My List of Perfect Things. This writing invitation puts me in a good frame of mind, and I like to revisit it every year. Let’s do one together in January! Yep, I plan on doing a Facebook Live in early 2019 (date to come) and compose my list of perfect things for 2019. I hope you’ll join me, and let us know what you think is perfect.

In Lorrie Stories, my favorite post was This Will be the Sweetest Memory of Summer. How can I resist a touching moment about reading with my beloved 16 year old daughter? This was the summer that I realized even teenagers still like to snuggle and listen to books read aloud.

And finally, in Writing Process, I loved sharing this post called Do This One Trick and You’ll be a Better Writer. It’s all about finding golden lines in the books we love. Those lines are some of the best writing teachers since they are models for writing we can do ourselves when we get up the courage (or find the time!) to put words on a page. I’d also love to know your favorite lines from books that have been important in your life.

So that’s it for 2018 posts! I’ll be back on 1/8/19 with a post about the One Little Word Project. I can’t wait to reveal my word for 2019 - it’s a wild departure from my past words and maybe on the inappropriate spectrum…how’s that for a teaser to get you to come back for more?

I wish you a blessed 2019 filled with reading and writing that makes your heart soar.

Always writing,