What's Saving My Life Right Now

That sounds really dramatic for this lovely Groundhog Day, but it's not. It's something that's going around the blog-o-sphere today - like a virus you WANT to catch. 

It's just a way of looking on the sunny side of life in the dead of winter.  Ask yourself, "What's making me happy right now?"  But, be careful.  You might just catch a glorious case of the happys. 

The original idea came from Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoir Leaving Church, and it came to me via Anne Bogel's blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy

Here is my jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else list:

1.       Batch Days Gone Wrong

Ideally, this meant that I would I pick four days in the month and dedicate the entire day to ONE thing.  For example, working in the yard, cleaning out my office, or learning how to sync audio with a Powerpoint slide deck.  The idea is that I can go DEEP with one thing and actually get it done more efficiently than working on little chunks over several days. 

That is still a goal.  I’m working on it. 

As usual, the reality of my batch days is far different than my ideal vision.  The batch days have turned into catch-up days when I finish ALL. THE. THINGS I couldn’t finish in the days before.  And that’s the gift, having an officially empty day when I’m productive, but have given myself permission to detour with few moments of unplanned activities like reading or writing a letter or spontaneously organizing the kitchen junk drawer.

Most importantly, my batch days gone wrong reveal I am cramming way too much into the other days.  That is some seriously important data collection for the future.   

2.       TUL Notebooks from Office Depot


I am obsessed.  These are the disc-bound journals that have removable pages, and section dividers, and paper that feels like butter, and a hole puncher that means you can add your own pages and not always buy refills...and...and...and...lots of happiness.  I look for reasons to write in them! 

3.       Embracing the HELL YES or it's a NO Approach to Life 

For me to say yes to adding more portions to my nonessential plate,  it’s got to be a, “HELL YES,”  or it's a no.

This month, when a very dear and very persuasive friend wanted a big and calendar-altering yes from me, she said, “You just need more confidence.” 

After saying NO and ruminating with a bit of regret, I realized that it took a lot more confidence for me to say NO. And to that I say a resounding HELL YES.

4.       Emily P. Freeman’s Podcast, The Next Right Thing

In the midst of getting the courage to say NO, Emily’s January words came through my earbuds like she was a calm friend speaking to me.  The timing was perfect. 

5.       The YogaGlo App. 

I love doing yoga in my  home, in my not cute enough for the gym clothes, with my dog always interrupting the calm moments of shavasana.

6.       A Robust TO BE READ List

Thank you Anne Bogel and the What Should I Read Next Podcast.  Having a big list of books on deck always gives me something to look forward to – kinda like the happiness a list of trips brings me.  I tell my husband that a list of books is way cheaper than a list of vacations.

7.       Glimpses of Grace  

Thank you for the recommendation from Kelly@LoveWellBlog and the Sorta Awesome Show Podcast.  This book has one excerpt from Madeleine L' Engle's writings for every day of the year. I'm reading it like a daily devotional while my water boils for my morning coffee (which, duh, that's super saving my life every day!) What a way to begin the day.

8.       Heated Seats in the Car

Ok.  I live on the coast in SoCAL so I know most anyone who lives anywhere else is not crying a cold and frozen river for me, but driving my daughter to an early zero period in my pajamas is made infinitely better from these seats.

9.       A Teenage Daughter with a Sense of Humor

She is funny.  Laughing with her makes me happy.

10.   Release 

This is my word for the year.  First step has been backing off of my daughter’s academics. As she says to me, “I got this, Mom.”  And she does.  And there's a lot more of #9 above when I'm letting go of stuff that just isn't that important.  I think there should be a 12-step abstinence chip for parents who don’t look at their kids’ online grades for at least 30 days.  

Friends, I'd love to know what's warming your soul this winter. 

Always writing,