SumoWriMo Journal - Interior Pages

SumoWriMo Journal - Covers


Directions for printing and binding your journal:

  • You can do it yourself, or take the interior pages and covers to a copy center and ask them to bind the journal for you. You might want to download the PDF and bring it along with you so they can print from the PDF. Quality will be better.

  • Can be printed in color and/or black and white. I designed it with color printing in mind.

  • After printing, cut pages in half so you have an 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch journal.

  • Optional, but preferred, copy the covers in cardstock and/or get them laminated so they are sturdy.

  • You can bind your journal in any way you like, but this is how I like to do it:

    • This journal is designed to be bound along the top edge.

    • Punch two holes in the top edge of every page. Make sure they are always the same distance apart.

    • Use BOOK RINGS/LOOSE LEAF RINGS to attach all the pages.

  • NOTE: Journal image coming soon - waiting for it to come back from printers!