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Whipping up writing love one teacher at a time
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Whipping up writing love one teacher at a time.

Whipping up writing love one teacher at a time.
— Lorrie Tom

If you look forward to teaching writing about as much as you dream of getting a root canal, you've come to the right place.

You are my people.  Not because I don't love teaching writing - I do, but because it's my mission to spread writing love. 

 Photo by Kevin Peacock

Photo by Kevin Peacock

My passion is helping teachers, students, and parents fall in love with writing, using an approach that does not require Novocain, or add ONE MORE freaking thing to your jam-packed schedule.

Here at LorrieT.com, you'll find everything you need to turn your classroom into a big ole teacher-student-parent writing lovefest. But, I'm not a fan of overwhelm.  We'll take baby bites. 

Your call to action is to try one writing recipe a month.

That's it.  Yum.  Way better than kale.

I know. I know.  Not everyone looks forward to eating their veggies! And the same is true for writing. 

During my first year of teaching, I had a student who wrote this in his journal:

I hate writing. You can’t make me write.
— Nathan

Well, Nathan threw down a challenge I couldn't resist.  By the end of the year, Nathan was writing poetry like a pro. His stories filled our classroom. That young man taught me a thing or two about teaching writing to reluctant humans - whether they came in the form of students, parents, or teachers.

If we surround our students with teachers and parents who write, it's like sprinkling magical fairy dust all over every single kid.

I know I'm acting like Nathan - throwing down some big challenges - but what I'm claiming is true. I've seen it happen. I know it by heart, deep down to my bones, after decades of  TEACHING WRITING to thousands of students, parents, and teachers.

Soon you'll realize that teaching writing is not like eating bitter greens.

  • It is not about out-of-context grammar worksheet activities that never transfer to real live writing. 
  • It is not about staring at blank pieces of paper until your eyes dry out because you have no freaking idea how to write a story with a brain-deflating prompt like…A mysterious package arrives on your doorstep. What happens next?
  • It is not about losing your life because you are grading papers 24/7.


  • Writing is telling authentic stories alongside your students.
  • Writing is about paying attention and noticing ordinary moments.
  • Writing is about creating meaning out of big and important ideas that can change the world.
  • Writing is about getting up close and personal with a tool that gives everyone the opportunity to make sense of life.
  • Writing is the best way to create community in your classroom so it's easier to teach all the things YOU love.

So precious teachers, don't head for the hills. Trust me.  Write with me. 

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  • guides for giving response
  • guides for encouraging editing and revision
  • guides for authentic publishing 
  • ...and maybe even a funny Lorrie Story, or two

As an added bonus (think of it as dessert without any calories), I top off every newsletter with a BOOK REVIEW HAIKU about reads that inspire writing!

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I look forward to writing with you.  Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

Always writing,