Spreading Writing Love Like Butter on Bread


Writing Recipes

Writing ideas that nourish like veggies, but taste like comfort food.  Whip these up quick, and fall in love with writing fast.

Lorrie Stories

This is my writing. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes serious, but always served with a dash of humor to please every palette. I want to inspire you to tell stories, too.

Writing Process

Pro tips and tricks about the writing process that make every recipe go down like a spoonful of sugar.  These are the HOW & WHY ingredients you'll always find in my writing pantry.



If you're an awesome human who finds yourself thinking, "I'm not a writer. I don't like writing," this is the place for you.

I'm whipping up writing recipes that make liver and onions taste like a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. Together, we can turn writing hate into writing love with an approach that's sustainable and balanced.

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