Always Writing

fast and easy self-care for busy people with creative souls

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Haiku My Day

Haiku writing ideas that turn chaos into calm, and help you notice what others miss.

This is a short video describing what you’ll find in Haiku My Day.


Beyond 3 Lines

Fast, fun, and easy writing ideas for when you want to write more than a short haiku.

This is a short video describing what you’ll find in Beyond 3 Lines.


Lorrie Stories

This is where I share all the behind-the-scenes details about my writing life. Oh la la.

This is a short video describing what you’ll find in Lorrie Stories.

(Fun Fact: I spy something different in each video. Can you see what I see?)

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After 30 years of teaching writing, 17 years of parenting, and creating more journals than I can count, I see lots of mamas who want to write, but they are short on time and long fear.

For many people, writing is welcome as a tooth extraction. Not on my watch. I help you experience every joyful bit of the writing process.

I’m not talking about getting you to write long novels. Nope. My primary focus is using haiku poetry as sustainable self-care for busy moms with creative souls. Then, once you’ve fallen in love with writing, we can try fast and easy writing ideas that are more than 3 little lines. Before long, you’ll be writing like a boss in a world that demands more and more writing. Oh la la!

I hope you’ll start writing haiku with me. I can’t wait to see what we can do with 17 syllables and 3 little lines.

Always writing, Lorrie

P.S. If you can talk about planners, journals, paper, and pens, with the same passion you reserve for favorite books, we should seriously meet for coffee.


How to be a Haiku Writer

look up - look outside

attend to your daily muse

breathe in - breathe out - write