10 Very Short Very Impressive

Professional Street Cred Stats

1. M.Ed from UCLA* Graduate School of Education, 1989.

*My beloved husband is a USC graduate, but I don't hold that against him.

2. California Multiple Subject Clear Professional Credential from UCLA* Graduate School of Education, 1989.

*Go Bruins.

3. B.A. in American Studies* from Occidental College, 1985.

*Beowolf was too darn hard to understand so I switched from being an English major to American Studies with a literature emphasis.  When I spent my junior year in England, studying American instead of English classics, my professors thought it was a hoot.  

4. Ventura County Teacher of the Year, 2000.

5. Ventura Unified School District Teacher of the Year *, 1999.

* I was a legend in my own lunchtime.

6. Third, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade classroom teacher* for Ventura and Palos Verdes Unified School Districts, 1989 - 2002.

* To the parents of all the students I ever taught, please accept my apologies for all the big projects that ruined your weekends.

7. Family of Writers* creator and teacher, 1997 to the present.

* Other than skiing, reading, writing, hiking, river rafting, road tripping, and eating kale, teaching this class is my favorite thing to do.

8. Fellow* of the South Coast Writing Project, located at University of California, Santa Barbara, from 1991 to 2001.

* I like fancy titles.    

9. Writing Consultant* for Palos Verdes Unified School District, teaching GATE and Title 1 intervention students as well as providing professional growth for teachers, 2001 - 2014.

* Yeah! A another fancy title for me.

10. In addition to my students (secret - they are always the best teachers in the room), these are my writing teacher mentors: Donald Graves, Nancie Atwell, Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, Katie Wood Ray, Georgia Heard, Shelley Harwayne, Jeff Anderson, Linda Rief, Peter Elbow, Joni Chancer, and Gina Rester-Zodrow. I've flown across the country to hear them speak.  I've spent lots of money buying (and binge reading) all of their books. If you recognize these names, you are my people.  

Queen Lorrie

Queen Lorrie

Photo: I asked my students to call me Queen. Only as a joke, of course, but it stuck so now I have a lot of queen trinkets.  Thus, this cute sachet filled with lavender sits on my bookshelf and makes my writing studio smell good.