For Sips and Stories

“Last night was magical. I can’t thank you enough for the writing experience we had together. I loved the writing so much. So inspired!”


“You knocked it out of the park, Lorrie! Thank you so much for making our friend’s birthday party extra special.”


For Family of Writers

“I just loved the time I got to spend with my daughter - hearing what she wrote and sharing this experience was truly special! You are an amazing teacher and I feel so grateful that we had this experience. Thank you for all the love you pour into your work - it shows!!”

- Fourth Grade Parent

“For our family- could not have been better! It had the unexpected blessing of bringing our family closer.If you offered another workshop during the year, we would be there with bells on!”

-Fifth Grade Parent

For Writing Feasts 

“Thank you, Lorrie, for the wonderful Writing Feast! It has been so much fun and I learned a tremendous amount about my own writing process and made interesting discoveries about myself as a writer. Your approach has been light, welcoming, and you made it so enjoyable in so many ways. I love all the poetry selections and how you led the discussions. I truly sense the love and care that went into this project!

The quick and dirty timed-writing after the end of each class was surprisingly revealing and refreshing, even though I could not stop writing within the recommended time during the second week! It allowed for some quiet reflection time and spontaneity because we were in our own private space at home. I find that writing can be a very candid and private experience. It was a nice balance to have some class interaction time for guidance, and then some quiet time on our own to write.

I was inspired by how you led the class with such ease, grace, and a wonderful sense of humor! I actually enjoyed the online platform and found it really helpful to be able to communicate through the FB group during class and afterwards during the week as we help to highlight each other's cherry lines. Listening for cherry lines and looking at our own recurring patterns were a great set of skills to develop. It was nice to have a small cohort and to be able to share and learn through interacting with others from the comfort of our homes. This format allowed for some flexibility as to when we get to complete each writing assignment.

Thank you for your personal touches. I appreciate the mindfulness piece that you bring into the process. Writing has become another form of meditation. I found a flow in writing like I never did before. I am looking forward to the next writing adventures with you!!”