Dawn Songs


Since September, I’ve become quite the birdwatcher because I am writing a book called Backyard Birds and Words - a Family Field Guide for Writing at Home. Birders are early risers. Most mornings I’m up early waiting for first bird songs.

You might think this is because I’m super awesome and part of the get up at 5 AM folks who are living their best atomic habits, but that’s not it. I am a middle-aged, not very good sleeper!

But, I am also someone who tries to see the silver lining - so here is my current take on waking up early. In honor of National Poetry Month, I wrote a real live poem for your reading pleasure.

Dawn Songs


This morning I got up early

To hear the dawn chorus.

I sat by our dining room window,

Still and quiet,

With hands wrapped

Around a warm cup of coffee.


I watched sunlight move down

Our wild, weedy hill

Like a wave moving at the speed

Of glistening molasses.


I knew the Great Conductor

Would raise his bird baton in good time,

When there was more light than shadow,

But I had to be patient.


Morning sunlight moves slow and smart,

Giving every living thing

Time to embrace new days,

And compose dawn songs.

Always writing,