It's NOT a Writing Recipe -- It's a Recipe for Soup!


Sometimes writers need recipes for soup more than recipes for writing - especially when we have lots of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. This is what’s for dinner tonight! It’s one of our family favorite soups.

And anyway, isn’t soup really just poetry in a bowl?

Cream of Turkey Soup with Rice


Here are my comments and tweaks for this delish soup:

  • The sherry is the ingredient that puts this soup over the top. Yum.

  • We always double the recipe…we often go back for seconds…and like this for lunch the next day.

  • White rice does not stand up - our favorite rice is the Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley, but regular ole brown rice is fine, too.

  • Of course, you can chop up your mirepoix and cry all the oniony tears, but the Trader Joe’s container of pre-cut mirepoix works just fine. I just dump two whole containers in when doubling the recipe.

  • This tastes great with chicken, too.

  • I always use a bit less flour (whole wheat works just as well, too) and salt - do it to your taste.

  • Finally, I’m usually pretty generous with the rice and meat measurements.

Enjoy this yummy treat for a fast and easy post-Thanksgiving meal. Nourishing yourself with words is awesome, but sometimes soup really is what we need!


Always writing (and souping),