Why I Wore My Good Luck Shoes Today


Lately, it feels like I’ve had a run of back luck.

Nothing that’s too big in the scheme of life’s ups and downs. I’ve got perspective. I keep saying, “It’s not a big deal. Small problems.”

But, today, just in case my bad luck streak wasn’t quite over, I decided to wear my red good luck shoes to the DMV so I could get my license replaced. I was hoping those sweet shoes might help the line move along a little faster.

Last week, while on vacation in Boston, my purse was stolen by a pro. It was secure across my body at one moment and then the next (while I was looking at my phone to get an Uber), it was gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. The thief probably cut the strap and then casually walked away with my purse concealed under a jacket. I didn’t feel a thing.

But what I am feeling now is frustration because it takes a lot of time to lock down accounts, secure my identity, change passwords, and stand in DMV lines.

And…then…the DMV door opened and we heard, “The computer system is down statewide with no estimate of when it will be up again.”

My red shoes didn’t work their magic today.

Or did they?

For a bit, I tried doing some work in line, drafting what I’d write in today’s post (not at all what I’m writing now, by the way). I snapped the picture you see above and wrote this Dayku (Day + Haiku = Dayku):

Stolen purse fun times.

Computers are down statewide.

I grin and Dayku.

Lately, writing Dayku’s is my mellow out moment. Maybe it’s counting syllables on my fingers?. Maybe it brings me into the present? All I know is that after I wrote that Dayku, I just decided to face the morning sun, and let it warm my face. I decided to chat with the folks in line.

The man standing behind me was a 76 year-old gentleman who was nervous about taking his driver’s exam, saying that he had lots of advanced degrees, but was surprised at how anxious he was to take the exam today.

The elderly woman in front of us told him, “There are trick questions on the test. Just take your time. Take your time and you’ll be fine.”

We talked about how driving means freedom.

A young woman near us was holding a big pile of flashcards, studying for a nursing exam. Like me, her purse had been stolen, but it seemed worse that her thief was probably someone in her nursing program. Mine was just a faceless stranger without any connection to my life.

We stood in line together for two hours. We all showed each other pictures of our dogs. Everyone had golden retrievers, but our soon-to-be nurse had a sweet pit bull.

Then, we decided to call it a day. Who knew when the system would come up again?

We parted. Wishing each other well.

My tummy rumbled. I forgot to eat breakfast because I wanted to get in that line bright and early.

Fantastic Cafe is right next door to the San Pedro DMV. I’d always been curious about it. I pulled in and ordered 2 over-easy eggs, sour dough toast, bacon, and some coffee. It was good. Nice crunchy bacon, but the coffee was a little weak.

I thought about journaling while I ate, but let the restaurant TV steal my attention. I haven’t watched The Price is Right forever, but it seemed like everyone picked what’s behind the curtains and turned down cold hard cash. Interesting.

As I ate my eggs and watched TV in an unexpected place and time, I felt a calm spread over me even though I was getting filled with caffeine.

I just gave in. I gave myself permission to go with the day and not fight the bad luck streak so hard.

All I’m losing is time.

And is everything on my to do list really that important?

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll put my red shoes in the closet so they are ready and waiting for another day when I need some good luck.

Always writing,


P.S. Just thought I’d pass along a little tip for my local friends. If you go to the San Pedro DMV, one of the employees told us that coming between 4 and 5 PM on Saturdays is ideal. She said it’s so empty in there that they are looking for things to do. I’ll let you know if this is true as that’s where I’ll be this Saturday!